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Our Philosophy

 Nuywa connects authentic artistry with inspiring design. We collaborate with artisans around the world to conceive pieces for the home that are unique, modern and of exceptional quality. Each product is created through heirloom techniques that have often been passed down through generations. Nuywa  products are made by hand with local, sustainable materials, each piece celebrating the unique artistry of its creator and helping to continue the heritage of handcrafted items in the modern world.

We are passionate about supporting our artisan partners by continuing to make our products in a way that directly impacts them and their communities financial stability, fostering growth through job creation. Connecting with the craftspeople that make our products is a deep privilege which we frequently do, both to be inspired and to ensure that working conditions are safe, ethical and responsible.

We Strive To

Positively Impact Our Artisan Communities

Work with the Best Artisans in the World

Create 100% Handmade Products

Use Local and Sustainable Materials

A Better Sourcing Model

We are committed to ensuring that you get the best price by collaborating directly with artisan makers and cutting out the middlemen and brokers that are typically found in the traditional retail model. Through this process we are able to eliminate unnecessary mark ups and up charges that are found with other products and offer a superior product at a fair price.