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Artisans of Panipat

Known as the weaving capital of India, arriving in Panipat welcomes you with fields of sun baked cotton threads drying in multiple colors amongst the criss cross of cars, rickshaws and the occasional cow or camel. Weavers from all over India arrive in Panipat from smaller villages to work on shuttle cock and pit looms that are prevalent in this area, providing a valuable stream of income to these makers.

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A textural and geometric story, the Hamza Large Lumbar Pillow is hand woven in small batches by skilled artisans in Panipat, India. Featuring a unique design and mix of techniques the Hamza Lumbar looks stunning as a quiet backdrop on a bed or mixed with a lux throw on your sofa.

The heritage of weaving can be felt everywhere as piles of woven fabrics and raw materials are readily seen in the streets and is evident by the work that is produced. Beautiful, intricate patterns and bright colors are created.

On our visits we are always awed by how quickly the work is done and the exactitude of the patterns no matter how elaborate that are made from simple sketches. True masters of their craft, every piece that is produced is a work of art.