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Artisans of Nagaland

Located in the mountainous northeast region of India bordering Myanmar, Nagaland has a rich history of craftsmanship as a center to their culture.

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The Mughal Pillow is truly a work of art. Created over a weeks time, this pillow is ethically made by skilled female artisans in Nagaland, India using a traditional back strap loom. Using thin cotton threads this piece requires incredible attention to detail and much more time than with pieces utilizing thicker cotton threads. Featuring a hand dyed cotton in a beautiful rose color, this piece features traditional symbology. A stunning accent to any collection you will be sure to get a lot of comments on this piece..

The tribes are known for their heritage of weaving, jewelry making and other handicrafts created from natural elements that are easily found in their surroundings.

Today these indigenous textiles are being innovated upon through the help of other traditional weavers within the region. These highly skilled weavers, are all women who use a simple loin loom to create. The versatility and ease of transport of the loom allows the women to work in their homes so they are able to take care of daily chores, care for their children and make an income through their craft. The work of the weavers of Nagaland is different from other regions-  the threads are much thinner which means the time to complete the work is longer than with thicker yarns, a pillow for example can take a week or more to create.