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Artisans of Jaipur

Nowhere in the world is more vibrant and lively than Jaipur. With a history of craftsmanship, you don’t have to look far from the city center to find studios of artisans block printing, fabric dying and creating intricate designs in woven cotton.


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Perfect for your travels or to stash the loose items at the bottom of your purse. Made from 100% locally sourced cotton and hand dyed with natural indigo, the Mehdi Zip Pouch features the traditional hand block printing process commonly seen in India. We love to use it to hold our phone, extra cash and your passport when you are on the road.

It’s here in Rajasthan where we spend much of our time in India, working to create some of our most vibrant pieces that are invariably inspired by the city itself.

An hour outside of the city is where we work with some of our smaller makers, operating in home studios and creating the crafts that they have been perfecting over centuries. Walking down the dusty paths its not unusual to see roadside pools of wound cotton soaking in tubs of water  or swaths of fabric drying in the sunshine. Its all part of the daily life here and where you know the best block printing and indigo dying is done.