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Artisans of Delhi

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the streets of Delhi  a group of artisan seamstress’ and weavers work creating beautiful pieces in assorted techniques.

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The Marron Pillow is hand woven by skilled artisans in Delhi, India. Made of 100% hand dyed polyester, this textural statement pieces mixes well with others adding in a neutral base, but creating interest with its woven texture. This beautiful piece will elevate any setting and is easy to care for with its rugged material.

Just one of their outposts, we take the steep steps on the exterior of the building to arrive at the work room located on the fifth floor.

Buzzing with the sound of sewing machines and patterns lining the wall, this group creates pieces that run the gamut from clothing and bags to house wares and decor pieces. We are shown the detailed embroidery work, embellishments with tiny beads and carefully created patterns with intricate details. It is obvious how much pride they have in their creations and the careful attention that is put into creating each piece.