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Intentional Design. Marigolds and their Meaning

They are draped on the hoods of cars, floating in ceramic lotus shaped bowls, arranged around the neck of a seated buddha. So what is the meaning behind these vibrant and fragrant flowers? 

Given as a gift to welcome visitors, many a beautiful lei has adorned my neck. Marigolds are considered pure and are seen as an offering to gods and goddess and are extremely popular during festivals like Dussehera and Diwali. The color orange of the marigold is significant as well. Soft orange is a sacred color, while brighter orange symbolizes sacrifice and courage. 

Its easy to bring marigolds into your own home and create something with intention and meaning in your space, as is often seen in the decor in India. I often add them to my meditation alter surrounded by incense and crystals. I love to create decorative moments that that have a meaning beyond aesthetic and helps to catalyze good energy in your space. 

If you want to get fancy, create a beautiful marigold garland of your own! Cheetah is the New Black did a tutorial on creating a simple marigold garland and Domino showed you how to create a stunning marigold curtain around your shower! 

Don't be afraid to keep it simple, a single flower in a bed vase by your bed or on your windowsill can just easily provide the pop of color and good vibes as a more intricate project. 

 Images. Vintage Blooms . Tumblr . Instagram . Cheetah is the New Black . Domino 

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The Road to Nuywa

Two years ago amidst non stop world travels we bought the Nuywa domain, prompted by a blurry eyed conversation at 1 am in the Delhi airport. And then, life. "It wasn't the right time", "it wasn't realistic", "we are too busy", all the excuses we always come up with to talk ourselves out of jumping into something new. But somehow it always popped back up again, the way things do that eventually it can no longer be ignored.

So here we are two years after dreaming up a modern, global home decor brand inspired by intrepid adventures, artisan techniques and beautiful products that are transparently sourced and priced finally making it a reality. 

Besides being excited by the product, we are a team of builders, we thrive on creation, exploration and connections. We like to take risks, try new things and figure how to do them better. All the while making sure we have some time to have fun and laugh. Thanks for joining us on the journey- there is a lot to see! 

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