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Get the Look. India Hotel Style

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The interior design in India is often a landscape of saturated, bright colors. There is a freedom in the design with layered motifs derived across cultures and eras. You will find pieces and spaces influenced by British colonialism mixed with materials and colors from Morocco. Spiritual meaning is never far with spaces adorned with statues, flowers and colors with meaning harkening to a deeper identity. 

One of the reasons we love traveling to India and experiencing it is that the interior design is so inspiring. But you don't have to travel halfway around the world to bring the same feel into your own home.

Take a cue from the design in India and bring a sense of travel and adventure to your own space. Pick a saturated color for your walls and paint it all over (even the ceiling!) Select furniture pieces with curves to them and select upholstered pieces in tones of your wall color. Creating a tonal landscape helps to add drama to the space. Mix texture. Don't be afraid to bring in golds and silvers in the same room. 

We did our own version of "Get The Look." All sources listed below! 

 Images. Venue Report  . 

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