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Design. Nuywa Vintage PIllows

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The creation of our vintage pillow collection was a pain staking process as we sorted through thousands of bits of fabric to find just the perfect ones for our collection. Sourced from vintage markets all over India these fabrics are taken from vintage sari's, old bits of cloth, jackets and dresses some from the early 1900's. The pieces that we selected were from the 60's and 70's and had to be of quality and in large enough pieces to be used for the making of pillows. Of course we found more options then we could ever need, and had to narrow it down from there. 

Hunting for the perfect fabrics is just the beginning of the process, selecting the right materials that will hold up through the creation of the pillows is important as well as making sure the fabrics are in good enough condition to last! We narrowed down the pieces to the ones you see in our inaugural vintage pillow collection! 

Color was also an important consideration. Our first launch was inspired by the colors of India- primarily the light and  beautiful bright colors that are so unique to Jaipur. 

Our vintage pillow collections are limited edition so grab them while they are still are still available. 

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