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Design. Nuywa Vintage PIllows


The creation of our vintage pillow collection was a pain staking process as we sorted through thousands of bits of fabric to find just the perfect ones for our collection. Sourced from vintage markets all over India these fabrics are taken from vintage sari's, old bits of cloth, jackets and dresses some from the early 1900's. The pieces that we selected were from the 60's and 70's and had to be of quality and in large enough pieces to be used for the making of pillows. Of course we found more options then we could ever need, and had to narrow it down from there. 

Hunting for the perfect fabrics is just the beginning of the process, selecting the right materials that will hold up through the creation of the pillows is important as well as making sure the fabrics are in good enough condition to last! We narrowed down the pieces to the ones you see in our inaugural vintage pillow collection! 

Color was also an important consideration. Our first launch was inspired by the colors of India- primarily the light and  beautiful bright colors that are so unique to Jaipur. 

Our vintage pillow collections are limited edition so grab them while they are still are still available. 

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Get the Look. India Hotel Style

The interior design in India is often a landscape of saturated, bright colors. There is a freedom in the design with layered motifs derived across cultures and eras. You will find pieces and spaces influenced by British colonialism mixed with materials and colors from Morocco. Spiritual meaning is never far with spaces adorned with statues, flowers and colors with meaning harkening to a deeper identity. 

One of the reasons we love traveling to India and experiencing it is that the interior design is so inspiring. But you don't have to travel halfway around the world to bring the same feel into your own home.

Take a cue from the design in India and bring a sense of travel and adventure to your own space. Pick a saturated color for your walls and paint it all over (even the ceiling!) Select furniture pieces with curves to them and select upholstered pieces in tones of your wall color. Creating a tonal landscape helps to add drama to the space. Mix texture. Don't be afraid to bring in golds and silvers in the same room. 

We did our own version of "Get The Look." All sources listed below! 

 Images. Venue Report  . 

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Eat. Cafe Palladio

Always love a mid afternoon sourcing break at Cafe Palladio. The insta-famous spot is just as beautiful in person with that perfect Jaipur light bouncing off every corner of the courtyard.

With the frenetic buzzing of the traffic outside, you enter Cafe Palladio and instantly feel transported to some other dimension. The beautiful mural, decor and food is always the perfect antidote to weary jet lagged brains and tired feet! 

Make sure you book a table next time you visit Jaipur! 

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Design. Bed Lumbars for a Easy Style

I have been a fan of bed lumbars for a very long time! The lazy designers guide to making a bed look great..maybe so! They are a one and done look that works for every style in any space. They also eliminate the need for the mountains of throw pillows to remove from the bed before sleep. Winning for everyone! 

Here are a few of our favorite Nuywa styles that can work with just about any style. You can shop all our bed lumbars here 

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Intentional Design. Marigolds and their Meaning

They are draped on the hoods of cars, floating in ceramic lotus shaped bowls, arranged around the neck of a seated buddha. So what is the meaning behind these vibrant and fragrant flowers? 

Given as a gift to welcome visitors, many a beautiful lei has adorned my neck. Marigolds are considered pure and are seen as an offering to gods and goddess and are extremely popular during festivals like Dussehera and Diwali. The color orange of the marigold is significant as well. Soft orange is a sacred color, while brighter orange symbolizes sacrifice and courage. 

Its easy to bring marigolds into your own home and create something with intention and meaning in your space, as is often seen in the decor in India. I often add them to my meditation alter surrounded by incense and crystals. I love to create decorative moments that that have a meaning beyond aesthetic and helps to catalyze good energy in your space. 

If you want to get fancy, create a beautiful marigold garland of your own! Cheetah is the New Black did a tutorial on creating a simple marigold garland and Domino showed you how to create a stunning marigold curtain around your shower! 

Don't be afraid to keep it simple, a single flower in a bed vase by your bed or on your windowsill can just easily provide the pop of color and good vibes as a more intricate project. 

 Images. Vintage Blooms . Tumblr . Instagram . Cheetah is the New Black . Domino 

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Visiting the Makers of Jaipur

Seeing the handcrafted items being created is one of our favorite parts of Nuywa. Meeting the people behind them is even better! On our last visit to Jaipur we were lucky enough to be invited to the homes of some of the makers behind our beautiful embroidery projects and spend some time seeing how its done! 

Much of the hand crafted artistry that you see in our products are the results of generations of passed down techniques. It is not uncommon for mothers and their daughters to be found at home sitting together in a circle embroidering, sewing or doing intricate bead work. 

We were lucky enough to be invited to the home of one such family in Jaipur, where we spent the morning seeing what they were creating, asking questions and feeling such joy in the ability to connect. 

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Eat. Tapri Tea House

One of the best parts of travel has to be the food. We love to explore the local food scene wherever we go and a recent trip to Jaipur was no different. We never get tired of the food in India and we especially love the adventurous use of flavors and the vegetarian selection that you can so easily find. Chai, of course, is central to the Indian culture and we had some of the best at the Tapri Tea House

A local friend recommended that we try it and we are so glad that we did! A nondescript exterior with a large garden and attached patio beckons you to find a comfortable seat either inside or to enjoy the sun outside. 

Inside the tea house is a small, cozy area where you can find locally made tea pots, serving ware and loose tea. We found a cozy booth and got down to the business of ordering the food! 

All vegetarian, the food is served in biodegradable dried palm leaves which we loved creating little waste from our meal. We ordered a ton of different small plates and shared family style all while guzzling the requisite chai tea. 

If you are looking for good food, ambiance and getting a sense of the tea culture in India, Tapri Tea House one we recommend in Jaipur.

This story features our Babur Zip Pouch 

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Block Printing In Bagru

When we first began exploring the idea of Nuywa it was very important to us to go the source. To understand where the products came from and the history behind them. The first time we traveled to India we quickly learned that many of the techniques that were used in the production of furniture and textiles were rooted in long held traditions that were passed through family lines or mother to daughters or fathers to sons. We loved the idea of helping to keep these traditions alive and learning as much as could about the makers, where they lived and how they made the beautiful pieces that they did. 

We took the trip from Jaipur to Bagru to visit some of the small block printing makers that created some of our products. A scenic trip across the Indian country, the road is small and as you get further from the city of Jaipur the density quickly disappeared opening to dry fields, more and more cows and less and less traffic. 

When we finally arrived we were ushered from a large open field into a neatly kept walled off city where the houses were painted in sun baked pastels. Blues, yellows and pale greens. Piglets and stray dogs wandered along the narrow streets, barely noticing our presence. It was still and warm, the sky bright blue and the quiet surroundings a stark contrast to the energy of Jaipur. 

Walking into the block printing studio we were immediately inspired by the space clearly occupied by artists. The walls were covered with years of color testing, each hand carved wooden block was adorned with marigolds and candies, an offering to that which is sacred. We were quickly treated by family by the block printing masters and offered chai tea and water before being shown the right pressure to apply and how to pick up the ink efficiently on the rough hewn block. 

We were shown the pools of indigo ink derived from natural leaves and the incredible process of creating patterns with sand and letting it bake in the hot sun leaving behind beautiful impressions of art. 

Check out our Mehdi and Zacharia Pouch to see the beautiful end product! 

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Stay. Jaipur Sujan Rajmahal Palace

Just going to India makes you feel transported to a new place with the fast paced energy of the streets and so much happening everywhere you look. Every time we travel to India we try to find hotels that evoke the spirit and history of India, keeping with that feeling that you are somewhere far away from your normal routined life, but also somewhere that feels like a respite after a long day of travel. And of course we are always on the hunt for inspiration! 

The Sujan Rajmahal Palace is just that and a little more. Still home to HH The Maharaja of Jaipur this beautiful place is just as opulent as one would expect. The palace offers just 13 suites and apartments, but don't be too upset if you aren't able to book a room, the estate features a bar, beautiful tea and opulent gardens to visit. 

The colors and decor are stunning harkening back to a different era, with each suite featuring unique wallpaper that was designed specifically for that room. Designed by one of  AD100's top interior designer Adil Ahmad the palace is certainly not to be missed and if you are lucky enough to be snag a room, do it! 

Images via Sujan 

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